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About Us

Rick’s Tattoo Studio/Applied Insanity has been producing award-winning tattoo designs since 2005.

We are an all custom shop. We do not have pre-drawn designs as we prefer to create a unique and meaningful tattoo for each of our clients. From concept to design to safe and professional tattoo application, our no-nonsense approach may seem unorthodox at first. Even your typical Flash Tattoo’s are customized here. We may not be the tattoo shop for everyone, and like it that way! We reserve the right to say “NO!” We stand behind our work, and strive to make every tattoo the best possible experience. Tattoo’s are not just something we do, we live to create. Educating our clients and the general public on the, “why, where and how” is part of our mission. We seek to share an EXPERIENCE with you and have built a space that is designed to inspire, support and facilitate those experiences.

“We would rather say no, than regret saying yes…” In all aspects of caring for yourself, trust in professionals.

Our Artists are also Tattooists. They all have different Art Styles, Experience and Techniques. We have built a team that has a total of 25 years of experience, are working artists and constantly learning new techniques. Being Professional Artists, each one seeks to collaborate with their clients, discussing the significance of each piece of art they are commissioned to commit to your body. This is not your typical Tattoo Shop. We are a Working Studio.

We have recently added a Piercist to our Staff. Her many years of experience, professionalism and outstanding customer service is what we sought out when we were looking for our new Team Member. She is refreshingly candid, which fits right in with our vibe – you’re not going to just come in to get something pierced. Anyone walking into our space can expect to be educated about their piercings (previous and new,) what to expect and to get the best service around!

Our Mission

Tattoo Studio… and Art EXPERIENCE Emporium

Rick’s Tattoo/Applied Insanity isn’t any ordinary tattoo and piercing studio. We are INSANELY unique in ways that we expect will surprise you with various mediums of art, atmosphere and attitude. Our Mission is to offer our clients services and access to tattoos, art and experiences that  give them a way to express their individuality via custom, award winning and skillfully rendered tattoos. We also want to share an experience with you that conveys our love of the tattoo craft and each artists’ life-long devotion to sharing their passion; Art. At Rick’s Tattoo/Applied Insanity all experiences with tattoos are collaborative, similarly unique and INSANELY personal, custom and are not available anywhere else in the way that we offer. We pride ourselves on educating clients, as well as the public-at-large about the tattooing craft, providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment and APPLYING mastery of technique and flawless execution with every person we encounter.

We are APPLIED INSANITY. Loyal to: applying our obsession with Art, Our Clients and THEIR goal of APPLYING their individual INSANITY, regardless of the specifics and details of a client’s modification of any art. Quality, personal Fine Art is what we provide.

Shop hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 11am to 6PM. (Or Later, by Appointment.)


Great shop with great artist(s). Very kind and full of talent.

Mandy Dube

Rick does a great job with his art work and real professional and overall a good man

Shane Goldsmith

Awesome place. Many hours there with Rick.

Eli Raymond

Wow, can't believe I never left a review here.... Best shop around. Great atmosphere, great artists. Definitely the shop to go to.

Chris Gorecki


Christopher Moses

All my tat(too)s have been done here, all are Rick designed. I will go back for my next one!

Cheri LeMere

Just left ricks after getting my 3rd tattoo. Love it.

Michelle Ayer Lavigne

Amazing work, Rick. It's been 5 years since he did my side, and the colors are just as vibrant as the day he did it :)

Ashlyn Coull

(Rick) Does awesome work, good environment to be in.

Trevor Thomas Hall

Rick did a tattoo for me today with special significance to me. The effort and time he put in to make sure it was the best possible job he could do was extraordinary. I am very pleased with the outcome. Do yourself a favor, if you are thinking about a tattoo go see the crew at Rick's and at least talk to them first.

Joseph Jay Fischer

I (just) had my cartilage triple-pierced and Kat was stellar to work with! She listened to what I wanted, made a few professional suggestions, and ultimately, gave me an incredible piercing that I am super-pleased with! Can't wait for this bad boy to heal up and have Kat help me change out my hoops for some super cute jewelry!!!

Carol Ann Latini

Sweet Work. Professional, TALENT... through and through. Can't wait to get my wings started next week!

Julie Anne Simmons Baron

Wow! I was blown away today. Rick and staff are without a doubt some of the genuine people I have ever met. I am starting my sleeve on the 22nd (of this month) and am very excited for it. Going over the details with Rick tonight (at my consult) was a great experience. Not only is he amazingly talented, But it was really to see how excited he got talking about my upcoming work. To meet a Tattoo artist and staff that cares as much as he does lets me know that I'm in the right place...You rock!! See you on the 22nd!!!

Jim Younce, Jr.

Great staff and superb atmosphere! Always a great experience!

Kiley Shackett

Rick did a great piece for me. They guy really cares to understand why you want what you want. And is honest and open about what WILL work on the body and what WILL NOT translate well onto the body in that medium. This is more important than most people think. Listen to your artist!

Mike Smith

My tattoo is perfect in every way. I provided some pictures and the story behind the tattoo. Rick provided a tattoo that completely illustrates the story. I love my tattoo and will definitely go back for another when I wish to illustrate another part of my life!

Melissa Ann Farris

Had my first piece done by Rick a couple weeks ago! Everyone was really awesome and made me feel comfortable. They all made my first tattoo a great experience. Rick was great and created a piece that is full of meaning but also pretty awesome looking :) would definitely recommend this amazing shop!

Brittany Hamel


  • rick-hoodie

    Rick Bellimer

    Owner/Tattooist Portfolio

    Owner Rick “OneHorn” Bellimer has been tattooing since 2001, and is a former US Navy Corpsman serving in Operation Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-1991. Traveling frequently for guest spots and tattoo conventions, Rick brings new technique and ideas back to his all-custom, appointment-only studio.

    An award-winning black & gray portrait artist, Rick’s attention to detail and consideration of placement and subject matter ensure the best possible results.


At Rick’s Tattoo/Applied Insanity, our focus is on the tattoo experience.

From our spacious waiting area and art gallery to our comfortable procedure rooms, you’ll find character and comfort with a touch of steampunk stylings. No high-pressure sales. No flash-lined walls. Our staff is knowledgeable and our focus is YOU, the customer.

Each of our artists brings their own skill set to their work, but we all share the same goal of making each tattoo memorable and special. Long before pins touch skin, our artists spend time ensuring their artwork for your tattoo reflects YOUR vision. We emphasize readability, and aesthetics to make sure that each unique tattoo presents in a positive and appropriate manner, no matter what situations life puts you in.

Your appointment time is YOUR TIME, time with the artist of your choice to experience the tattoo. You are welcome to bring headphones, a book – whatever makes you comfortable. You may bring one companion/support person, but again, we stress the individual experience of the tattoo. Expect our artists to be ethical and professional at all times – our goal is positive energy and a rewarding experience in addition to creative, artistic tattoo art.

Our artists are actively involved in the greater tattoo artist community, learning new techniques and refining existing skills to provide the safest, longest lasting tattoos possible. Disposable, single-use supplies and the highest quality pigments and equipment are standard fare. WE are students of tradition, not followers of trends, Please realize that our artists will be upfront and frank about placement, size and/or subject matter concerns that limit employment or your success in life. You’ll be wearing our work at your funeral, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without any explicit reason. We care enough to say NO when appropriate.

From the chair to the box, we stand behind our work.



Art Gallery

Our Team consists of Working Artists. Each of our Tattooists have been artists long before they became Tattooists. They regard Tattooing as an Art unto itself and when they’re not doing that, they create in several other Art Mediums. Painting, Sculpting, Drawing and various other types of Art are ways that creativity is abundant within each of us. We seek to share what we create, whether a Tattoo, a Painting or anything else.

We have created an open art space and encourage friends and customers to come view what we’re working on, and even pic up a brush themselves! Applied Insanity is the culmination of years of experience as Artists that finally has been built in a way that lets each of us create in every way we can!


Experience Emporium

Finally, as a way of sharing this space with anyone who is interested, we have built into our schedule and this space the ability to host After Hours Events and Gatherings.

When the Tattoo Studio closes on Saturday, it opens for the Experience Emporium – We have hosted other Artists and Representatives to showcase their products and services and are looking forward continuing that trend – whether it be an Acrylic on Canvas painting demo, Acoustic Open Mike Performances, Reiki Classes, Face Reading, the Art of Tarot  – we seek to share and open the space to many different types of Experiences to share with anyone is interested and open-minded.

Check back on the Events Page for more information about upcoming Saturday After Hours Events!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo and Studio Related Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You need come in to schedule an appointment. We get lots of emails every day asking for appointments and we are just unable to schedule this way because it requires too much “back-and-forth” emailing as well as the inability to accept a deposit via email. When you come in we will be happy to find the time that works best.

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit for ALL tattoo appointments. The Deposit holds your appointment and is applied to your final balance for tattoo time. Since we do not allow refunds on deposits, you should be absolutely certain that you are willing and able to get a tattoo because we will not give your money back you if you change your mind. We have a 24-hour reschedule policy: if you need to change your appointment date or time we just ask that you call 24 hours in advance of your appointment and we will still honor your deposit to your next appointment. If you do not provide enough notice, don’t show up or are more than 30 minutes late you lose your deposit and your appointment.

We are also enacting a time limit on deposits. If we don’t hear from you for 13 months after receiving a deposit, we will assume you are not moving forward on the tattoo and will forfeit your deposit.

Why do you ask for a copy of my identification?

New Hampshire law requires that studio owners verify all tattoo customers are at least 18 years of age for tattoos and at least 16 years of age for piercings with parental consent. Please see the piercing page for more information on piercings.

Should I leave a tip?

If you are pleased with the work and service you are encouraged to tip the artist, even if they own the shop. Shop owners do not pocket 100% of what they make as they are trying to run a business. Tips can range from 10% to 20% of the piece but the amount of the tip is certainly your choice. In addition, if you are happy with the work and service show it off and tell everyone where you got it done!

Do you do White ink tattoos?

Our artists will not do white ink tattoos. We always want our customers to be informed about the limitations of white ink before proceeding. The biggest problem with using just white ink for a tattoo is that the results are unpredictable. Once white ink is in a healed tattoo, it does not look pure bright white because you’re looking at it through the pigment of your own skin. Generally it will show as a few shades lighter than your skin tone, but skin tones can vary from spot to spot on your body so it may heal in a splotchy, uneven tone (especially if used as a solid fill). Also, white works better as a highlight color with contrast, rather than a solid fill. When against a dark color, white will look brighter than if it is on its own.

White ink tattoos tend to be very subtle, very faint, and after 5 years or so (depending on how much sun exposure it gets), might hardly be visible at all. Because of this we will NOT guarantee one free touch up on any white ink tattoo. You would have to continue to get the tattoo retouched at your expense much more frequently to keep it looking fresh. White ink designs need to be fairly simplistic linework designs, using thicker lines (things like small lettering are not advisable).

Images of amazing white tattoos on Pinterest have been very popular lately. However, many of the images do not show what happens when the tattoo is healed, they don’t show when a tattoo goes unexpectedly wrong, and many of them are even photoshopped! White ink tattoos can backfire fairly often- a client’s skin tone will tint the ink a strange color, which is impossible to predict, and the reason why our artists have decided to not offer them. It is always our #1 goal to give you the best looking tattoo possible and if we ever feel that can’t be achieved we will advise against it.

Can I take pain meds or have a little drink before my tattoo?

In general, over-the-counter pain medications do little to help with the pain you might experience while getting a tattoo, plus Aspirin and other NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc, have at least some blood-thinning qualities to them. Aspirin is most effective at thinning blood so we recommended you not take aspirin at least 1 day before your tattoo. It is generally considered ok to take an over-the-counter pain reliever to relieve pain or swelling from the tattoo AFTER the tattoo is done – However it is important for us to mention that we are not medically trained and cannot legally prescribe any medicines or diagnose health concerns. Please consult your doctor for advice if you’re concerned about this.

So what about prescription drugs? Some prescription pain medications can technically intoxicate you to the point where you will not be as alert or in control of your body as you would normally be, so we don’t advocate their use. Also, we cannot legally tattoo someone who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so drinking alcohol or partaking in other drugs before your tattoo is not a good idea. We reserve the right to assess your condition and deny performing you tattoo, in that case you forfeit your deposit for wasting our time.

Does it Hurt?

Having needles pierce your skin does hurt. What you really want to know is how MUCH does it hurt. The pain comes from the cluster of needles piercing your skin rapidly. This feels more like a constant vibration than it does an injection. Your body quickly releases endorphins (pain killers) which dulls the pain significantly. The pain also varies according to the location of your tattoo. Skin above bones (collarbone, anklebone, ribcage, etc.) can be more painful than other locations. Most people describe the pain as if they were having a bad sunburn scratched at with a sharp fingernail. Most also agree that needles used for shading produce less pain than those used for outlining. Remember you are volunteering for the experience. The amount of pain will depend on your psychological attitude and whether you are mentally prepared

Can I bring you my ideas and have you draw them? What’s the process?

We are a custom Tattoo Studio. If you need a custom drawing done, you’ll need to schedule a consultation. This is a free, 30-minute appointment where you’ll meet with the artist of your choice and discuss your ideas and plans for your tattoo. It is a good idea to bring drawings, sketches, photographs, notes, etc. to help illustrate your ideas. Don’t worry if you can’t draw! That’s OUR job. Even stick-figures help us visualize what you want for your tattoo.

At the end of your consult there is no obligation to continue, but if you and the artist both decide to go forward and start working on a drawing, you will be required to pay a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. (The Deposit holds your appointment and is applied to your bill for tattoo time. It is not refundable under any circumstance, but you are allowed to reschedule your appointment if needed. As long as you call to reschedule 24 hours in advance we will still honor your deposit. If you decide not to do the tattoo, if you don’t show up for your appointment or are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT.)

The artist will then add you to their draw schedule, and give you an estimate as to how long it might take to do the drawing. It’s important to remember that your artist may have up to 20 other clients that they are drawing for, so you may have to wait a while to see your artwork. Before your appointment, we will contact you to let you know your artwork is finished and to confirm your appointment. You can work with the artist to change your drawing until it’s perfect for you.

Do you take Walk Ins?

Walk-ins are welcome – when we are available. Remember that we are a CUSTOM TATTOO STUDIO. It’s best to call ahead to check availability, especially on weekends as we tend to be pretty busy. If you need a custom drawing, it’s best to schedule a consult first. If any artist is available to draw on the spot and work with you, you may expect to pay for a drawing fee along with your tattoo, we leave that up to the Artist’s discretion. We do have artists that will customize smaller pieces for walk-ins. Again, we leave that up to the Artist’s discretion as to whether or not they can do what you’re asking for that day or on a walk-in basis.

What should I bring to my consult?

We highly encourage you to bring any visual reference which helps us better understand your ideas! We love it when our clients are prepared, coming to us with fairly specific ideas in regards to subject matter, size and placement, and bring us plenty of visual references, such as:

– Images from the internet – if you’ve collected some images from the net, it really saves a lot of time if you can print them out ahead of time – or if you don’t have the means to print, please email them to the artist you’re consulting with before your appointment. Please don’t bring images that are just on your phone. It really makes things difficult for us, and adds considerable time to the consult. We understand how much you love your smart phone and live by it (and we love ours!), but please understand we need physical images (For larger works, preferably large, high-definition images).

– Drawings, sketches, doodles, or diagrams (does not have to be a masterpiece, it just needs to get a point across!)

– Photographs (if you want a portrait, please bring a large 8″x10″ hi-resolution photo of the person/animal)

– An Object such as a figurine, book, brooch, or whatever has inspired you. We can photograph it for our own reference and return it to you safely.

A few words of advice: A consult is typically scheduled as a 30 minute appointment, please keep this in mind. Knowing at least somewhat where your tattoo will be placed, the subject matter involved, and hopefully have some reference pictures to help illustrate your ideas are all ways to keep the consult more concise. We understand that sometimes these specifics are hard to figure out, but remember it can take time to figure out the perfect tattoo that you will have for the rest of your life. So if you are unsure about subject matter or placement, we urge you to give it some more thought before scheduling a consult.

How much is a tattoo?

The shop minimum is $75 (this is for a very small, single color tattoo). For the most part, our artists charge by an hourly rate:

Rick : $150/hr

For specific pricing, we need to know exactly what you want before we can provide an estimate. If you would like to email us for a quote, please provide the following information:

  • Brief description of the subject matter, or attach photos if you have them. Also If there’s lettering involved, describe the font (typewriter, script, etc.)
  • Approximate size – either use inches or compare to a common object (ie: palm-sized, quarter-sized, etc.)
  • Will it be in color or black & gray?
  • Where is it going to be placed?
How should I prepare for getting a tattoo?

You should have some kind of artwork ready when you come to see us. When you come in to get your tattoo, be sure to dress appropriately: be comfortable (not fashionable), and wear something that gives easy access to the area to be tattooed. Be well-rested, fed, and hydrated.Before you start, you will fill out a release form (you’ll need your ID), and your artist will make a stencil of your design. Your artist will place the stencil on you and you’ll get to decide exactly where and how big it will be. Then the tattoo experience will begin! If you’re in for a longer session, you may want to consider getting a ride from a friend afterwards because of the endorphine rush you will experience. After your tattoo session is done, the artist will advise you about aftercare and all the informatino you need to take care of your tattoo.

Is my personal information released to the public?

Absolutely not! However; we can only speak for the studio policies of Rick’s Tattoo/Applied Insanity. Some studios may use your information for personal gain but it would only be released from Rick’s Tattoo/Applied Insanity as required by state or federal law. This means that the appropriate state agency would have to provide the studio with the state statute that requires us to release the information and the studio would research the statute to be sure it is accurate and has not been repealed. Until this process is complete no personal information will be released from Rick’s Tattoo/Applied Insanity.

Can I get a tattoo under the age of 18 with parental consent?

No. New Hampshire State Law requires that you be 18 years of age to get a tattoo. It’s considered a Class B Felony for anyone (licensed or unlicensed) to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, with or without parental consent. If you don’t have identification proving your age. (i.e., a picture ID,) we will NOT tattoo you. We don’t care who you know or who will vouch for you… period.

Question the integrity and professionalism of someone that illegally tattoos minors for personal financial gain.

How does weight gain or loss affect a tattoo?

Tattoos can be affected by stretch marks. Stretch marks are the result of losing elasticity with weight gain and then weight loss. If you gain and lose weight without losing elasticity then you may not have much distortion in a tattoo. Stretch marks are most common on hips, thighs, arms and the abdominal area. It is suggested that any women that may have children should avoid tattooing the abdominal area. Not only will the tattoo stretch during pregnancy, there is no guarantee the tattoo will go back to its original shape after birth.

Do you tattoo hands and feet?

These tattoos are tricky – your hands, feet, fingers, toes and the wrinkly part of the knuckles, are all places that don’t take tattoos very well. The skin is either very thin or is constantly sloughing off so you might get a tattoo that looks cool at first but after a very short period of time you end up with something blurry looking or parts of it will be missing entirely.

Because of this, we generally will not do tattoos on the hands and feet and suggest thinking about alternate placement. For the most part we don’t do these tattoos unless the client is already heavily tattooed or already has a a like tattoo.

Example ; One artist, on occasion do Wedding Ring Tattoos: again, because tattoos do not stay on the underside of the finger, we suggest doing a half-ring tattoo or a simple design on the back of the knuckle. The design has to be very simple since details will be prone to blurring together. Names, monograms, or celtic designs are not suggested for a finger or knuckle tattoo. A single letter, a plain band, chinese character, heart, star, moon or other very simple shapes or patterns in black ink are the best kinds of things to put on the knuckle as they will be most likely to last a long time before having to get it re-touched.

Whether we choose to perform these tattoos is another story. Each tattoo design/idea should be discussed thoroughly with your artist and they will guide you on your decision to tattoo your hands or feet. It is up to the discretion of each artist as to whether they choose to tattoo these body parts and any tattoos on these body parts WILL NOT be guaranteed due to the risks. Again, your artist will discuss this with you.

We do not guarantee or do free touch ups on finger or hand tattoos because they are so prone to problems noted above.

How does weight training and/or exercise affect a tattoo?

The amount of muscle gain is nowhere near as dramatic as what you would see with the stretching of skin of a pregnant woman. As a result, you really shouldn’t have to worry about your tattoo changing shape unless you are trying to be the next Mr. Universe.

Is the length of an artists’ apprenticeship important?

This can be a tricky question. The answer would be yes and no. Any artist can tell you they apprenticed for 2, 4 or 6 years and that may be valid in another state. Not so here in New Hampshire. New Hampshire requires an apprenticeship program and you may wish to ask your artist about their training.

The State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services requires at least 1500 hours of supervised training under the license of an artist with at least 3 years experience as a licensed New Hampshire State Body Art Licensee. Only after the Mentor believes that the Apprentice is ready and has enough experience and training in shop safety, sanitation of equipment and how to safely and properly tattoo will the Mentor then notify the state that the apprenticeship has been completed and the Apprentice is worthy and prepared to tattoo safely on their own and that they are worthy of a license.

You must also remember that MANY great artists are self-taught and have put in much time perfecting their trade without ever completing an apprenticeship in other states that do not require them. The best judge of an artist’s ability is their portfolio.

Piercing Types, Jewelry and Aftercare

Industrial Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
An industrial piercing consists of two cartilage piercings connected by a single barbell. The shape of the ear usually dictates the angle of the industrial piercing and it is very important to choose an angle that is suited to your individual ear anatomy and your piercist should discuss this with you. Long straight barbells are typically worn in industrial piercings but the piercing can also be done with two separate bars and connected later. If this is done it is important that the piercings are angled correctly. If the angles are incorrect undue pressure will be placed on the ear when the two piercings are connected. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with with anti-bacterial soap. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.*Industrial Piercing Healing Time: 8 to 16 weeks

Septum Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
The Septum is the piece of cartilage that separates the nostrils and a septum piercing is pierced through this septum. The cartilage itself is not usually pierced – there is a soft spot in between the lower and upper sections of the nasal septum cartilage. This so-called “sweet spot” is soft and easier to pierce. The piercing is usually done towards the front of the nose, allowing jewelry to hang freely. Ball and circular barbells are usually worn in septum piercings. You can also wear a septum retainer, which is a U-shaped piece of jewelry. The septum retainer can be worn so that the ends show out of each nostril or flipped up inside the nostrils. This allows you to hide your septum piercing easily. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with anti-bacterial soap.  The septum heals fairly rapidly but is easily knocked, which can slow down healing. Mucus produced by the nose can ‘seal’ dirt into the piercing site so extra care should be taken. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.*Septum Healing Time: 12 to 16 weeks

Nose Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
The term “nose piercing” refers to a nostril piercing. These piercings are pierced through the thinnest part of the nose, just above the curve of the nostril. Nose piercings are popular in many parts of the world and are particularly associated with India. There are two types of nose stud – curved and straight. Curved nose studs are also called “nose screws” because they are twisted into place. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with anti-bacterial soap. Take care to clean the inside of the nostril as well. Mucus produced by the nose can “seal” dirt into the piercing site so the inside should be given extra care. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.*Nose Piercing Healing Time: 12 to 16 weeks

Auricle/Helix Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
Also known as cartilage piercings, auricle piercings are placed in the ear rim, usually about halfway down the ear. Most people are able to get this piercing and it can be pierced slightly higher or lower depending on the shape of the ear.  Ball closure rings, barbells and circular barbells can all be worn in auricle piercings.  This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with anti-bacterial soap.  Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.*Auricle/Helix Healing Time: 4 to 12 months

Labret Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
A labret piercing is a piercing through the lower lip, usually placed in the center of the lower lip. Labret piercings are popular and most people can get this piercing. Labret piercings can be placed up near the edge of the lip or further down, depending on preference and anatomy.  Lip piercings heal relatively quickly. Initial jewelry is often a longer labret stud in order to accommodate swelling. This can be switched to a shorter stud when the swelling has gone down. Labret piercings carry a risk of tooth and gum damage due to jewelry rubbing against teeth and gums. This damage can be permanent so it is very important to consult a professional piercer if you notice any change in the area or recession of the gums. This damage can be avoided by wearing a soft Bioplast labret stud. The outside of the piercing should be cleaned daily with anti-bacterial soap.  Rinse with suitable mouthwash any time you eat, drink, or smoke. Avoid alcohol until fully healed.*Labret Healing Time: 4 to 12 weeks

Monroe, Piercing Jewelry & Aftercare
A Monroe/Madonna piercing is an upper lip piercing placed on the side of the lip. It is also known as a Monroe piercing, beauty mark piercing or Marilyn piercing. Labret studs are worn in Madonna piercings, often with a relatively small threaded ball. There is a risk of tooth and gum damage due to jewelry rubbing against teeth and gums. This damage can be permanent so it is vital that you consult a professional piercer in the event of any change to the area. This damage can be avoided by wearing a soft Bioplast labret stud. The outside of the piercing should be cleaned daily with anti-bacterial soap. Rinse with suitable mouthwash any time you eat, drink, or smoke. Avoid alcohol until fully healed.*Monroe Healing Time: 4 to 12 weeks

Medusa Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
A medusa piercing is a lip piercing placed in the philtrum – the vertical groove in the center of the top lip. Medusa piercings are also known as philtrum piercings. Careful placement is very important, as a non-symmetrical medusa placement will noticeably affect the symmetry of the face. Labret piercings are usually worn in medusa piercings. Most people choose a small threaded ball that fits neatly into the philtrum. There is a risk of tooth and gum damage due to jewelry rubbing against teeth and gums. This damage can be permanent so it is vital that you consult a professional piercer in the event of any change to the area. This damage can be avoided by wearing a soft Bioplast labret stud. The outside of the piercing should be cleaned daily with anti-bacterial soap.  Rinse with suitable mouthwash every time you eat, drink or smoke. Avoid alcohol fully healed.*Medusa Piercing Healing Time: 4 to 12 weeks

Tongue Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
Tongue piercings are pierced vertically through the tongue. Tongue piercings are usually done near the center of the tongue but they can also be pierced off-center. Most people can have a tongue piercing and it is surprisingly easy to heal. There are however two issues that can prevent you from getting a tongue piercing. Firstly some people have very prominent veins on the underside of the tongue, which may get in the way of the piercing. Secondly, a prominent tongue frenulum may make the piercing uncomfortable or impossible. We always recommend going to an experienced body piercing to get your tongue pierced. Tongue piercings are usually done with a straight barbell. The tongue almost always swells up in the day after piercing so initial jewelry should be an extra-long barbell. This can be swapped for a shorter barbell when the swelling goes down, usually after one week. Tongue piercings carry a risk of chipping a tooth if you bite down on the barbell. This can be avoided by choosing well-fitting jewelry or a Bioplast tongue bar. If the top of your barbell rubs uncomfortably against the roof of your mouth we recommend switching to a flat top ball. Rinse with suitable mouthwash any time you eat, drink or smoke. Stick to soft, non-sticky foods for the first couple of days. Avoid alcohol until piercing is healed.*Tongue Piercing Healing Time: 3 to 12 weeks

Lip Piercing, Jewelry & Aftercare
A Lip piercing is a labret piercing placed towards the left or right side of the lip (upper or lower.)  Labret studs, BCRs and circular barbells can be worn in your side lip piercing. In terms of healing and care, side lip piercings are very similar to labret piercings. There is a risk of tooth and gum damage due to jewelry rubbing against teeth and gums. This damage can be permanent so it is vital that you consult a professional piercer in the event of any change to the area. This damage can be avoided by wearing a soft Bioplast labret stud. The outside of the piercing should be cleaned daily with anti-bacterial soap. Rinse with suitable mouthwash any time you eat, drink or smoke. Avoid alcohol until fully healed.*Lip Piercing Healing Time: 4 to 12 weeks

Nipple Piercing Jewelry & Aftercare
Nipple piercings are pierced slightly behind the nipple and are popular for both men and women. In both genders it is important not to pierce the fatty tissue behind the nipple as this can lead to mastitis. Nipple piercings can be placed at any angle although horizontal nipple piercings are most popular. Nipple piercings can be pierced with straight barbells, ball closure rings or circular barbells. Some people find barbells more comfortable to wear under clothes. Initial healing of nipple piercings is usually quick but this piercing may take longer to heal fully. Care should be taken when dressing and it may be necessary to wear a breathable dressing in the first couple of days. Nipple piercings should be kept dry and allowed to ‘breathe’. We recommend wearing natural fibers and cleaning the piercing if you become sweaty. Your piercer will be able to advise you on this as opinions vary. This piercing should be cleaned at least twice daily with anti-bacterial soap. Avoid swimming and submersion in water until healed.*Nipple Piercing Healing Time: 6 to 16 weeks

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